About myself

Nadiia Svizhenko


  If you like people you like teaching. I enjoy teaching. Being a teacher is one of the greatest ways that a person can contribute to society. According to Henry Adams, a teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops. To be a good teacher you must be crazy at what you are doing. Teaching might be the greatest of arts since its medium is the human mind and the human spirit.

After many years of teaching I still enjoy helping students to grow up. Children, like plants, naturally grow towards the light. I try to apply this philosophy of love and support in my classes. As a language teacher I have always been striving for improving my English and integrating new techniques and methods into my teaching.
The more I teach the more I realize that I should constantly be in creative process. The main task of me as a teacher I see in creation of a friendly atmosphere for students to reveal their talents.