Контрольные работы для 5 класса






Parrots live in the forests of South America, where summer lasts all the year round, where leaves are always green. The parrots make their homes in the forest, because there they can find shade in the heat of the day.

Parrots eat fruit and nuts. They like wild cherries best of all. They like them because of the stones. The beak of the parrot is very sharp and it cracks these stones easily.

Parrots like to bathe very much. They fly about till they find water. They dip into the water and splash it over their feathers. Then they sit in the sun till they are dry. In the middle of the day the heat becomes very great. Then parrots fly in the deepest shade. They sit in the trees and sleep. But in the evening, when the sun is going down, they wake up. They eat fruit, go to the water and bathe again. Only after that they go to the rest for the night.

People can tame parrots. The parrot is a very interesting pet, because it can talk.

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 I. True or false

__1. Parrots live in the fields.

__ 2. In South America winter lasts all year around.

__ 3. Parrots like to bathe.

__ 4. In the middle of the day it is hot.

__ 5. Parrots like to fly in the middle of they day.

__ 6. People can tame parrots.

  1.  Finish the sentences with the suitable words.
  2. Parrots live …
  3. a) North America; b)South America; c)Africa
  4. Parrots eat
  5. a) corn; b) nuts; c) fish
  6. When it’s hot they …
  7. a) sleep; b) fly; c) bathe
  8. Parrots wake up …
  9. a) in the morning; b) in the afternoon; c) in the evening
  10. Before going to rest for the night parrots …
  11. a) play; b) fly; c) bathe
  12. The parrot is very interesting pet because it can …
  13. a) play; b) talk; c) sign


III. Answer the question

  1. How long does the summer last there?
  2. What fruit do parrots like best of all?
  3. How long do parrots sit in the after bathing?
  1. Imagine you have a parrot at home. Describe it, what it likes to do and to eat.

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     Teacher: Today we shall speak about seasons. There are four seasons in a year: spring, summer , autumn, winter, What is your favourite season?

    Tom: My favourite season is autumn. It’s a beautiful season. The leaves in the trees are red, yellow, brown and green. It is warm in September. I can go for a walk. On the first of September I am glad to see my friends at school after the long summer holiday. In autumn there are a lot of vegetables and fruit. I like sweet pears.

    Alice: I don’t like autumn. It’s a dull season. I don’t like when it rains. In October it is cold and it often rains, and we can’t go for a walk. I like summer. Summer is a bright season. The trees are green. It’s hot and I can swim in the river. I can play outdoors all day long. And I don’t go to school.

    David: And my favourite season is winter. Winter is beautiful. The trees are white with snow. There is a lot of snow in the streets and in the parks. My friends and I can play snowballs and hockey. But most of all I like to ski.

Susan: I don’t like winter. It’s so cold in winter. It often snows. The sky is grey. The day are short and  the nights are long. I like spring. The sun often shines, the sky is blue , birds singsong. In May the trees and grass are bright green. There are many beautiful flowers in May.

    Teacher: Well, children, I think all seasons are good and beautiful. Everything is good its season.

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  1. Write the correct name:
  2. ________likes snow.
  3. ________doesn’t like rain.
  4. ________likes sunshine.
  5. ________likes swimming in hot days.
  6. ________likes meeting friends after holidays.

6.________ likes colourful leaves.

  1. True or False

__1. It snows in winter.

__2. October is an autumn month

__3. It’s hot in winter,

__4. We start school on the first of October.

__5. You can eat pears in autumn.

__6. The trees are bright green in May.

 III. Answer the questions.

  1. How many seasons are there in a year?
  2. How many month are there in each seasons?
  3. When can you play snowballs?
  4. When can you swim in the river?
  5. When can you eat many taste fruit and vegetables?
  6. When can you see the first flowers?
  1. Describe your favourite season and weather.

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 I. Choose word to complete the sentences

  1. Bill lives on the USA. He is …
  2. a) British b) Canadian             c) American
  3. Great Britain consists of …. Parts
  4. a) two b) three                    c) four
  5. Ann has an aunt. Ann is her ….
  6. a) niece b) cousin                 c) nephew
  7. She is 38, she is married. She is … Smith
  8. a) Ms b) Mrs.                       c) Miss
  1. Complete the dialogue using the phrases in the box
a bar of chocolate …35p.
a loaf of bread … 70p.
a bottle of mineral water…80p.
a carton of juice … 90p.

A: Can\Could I have ( one, two… ), please?

B: Yes, certainly

A: How much is it?  ( How much are they? )

B: It’s … ( They are …)

 III. Answer these questions

  1. How many meals a day do you have?
  2. What is your typical breakfast?
  3. What is your favorite food?
  4. Can you cook?
  5. Does your mother have a cookery book?
  6. Have you ever followed the instructions in recipe?
  1. Speak on one of the following topics

Tell about yourself.

Tell about your working day.

Tell about English meals.


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  1. Match the words
  2. double a) залишати
  3. to continue b) кіно
  4. to master c) оволодівати
  5. movie d)  сміятися
  6. to leave e) подвійний
  7. to laugh f) продовжувати
  1. Fill in “ at ”, ” in ”, or ” on ”

1)… midnight

2)… spring

3)… half past two

4)… April

5)… the morning

6)… 1991

7)… Saturday


III. Write degrees of comparison

1) good

2) short

3) cold

4) beautiful

5) hot

6) bad


  1. Open the brackets
  2. John ( to play ) tennis every morning..
  3. Peter ( to telephone ) his friend yesterday.
  4. I ( to be ) a doctor next year.
  5. My parents ( to go ) to school tomorrow.
  6. Last month we ( to be ) at the Picture Gallery.
  7. The teacher ( to speak ) English at this moment.

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 Mary is a pupil of the sixth grade. She lives with her mother in a house in Sedov Street in Kiev. She has a grandmother and she loves her very much. But her grandmother doesn’t live with them. She lives in a house in Sokolov Street. Her house is rather beautiful and comfortable. It is near the park where there are many pretty flowers in spring and summer.

One day Mother says to Mary, “Today is your grandmother’s birthday. Put this cake and some nice apples into the basket and take them to your grandmother’s house. And do not stop on your way there”.1

Mary puts the cake and apples into the basket; then she takes it and goes out into the street. In the street she sees her friend Ann. Ann is a pupil too, but she is in the fifth grade. The girls walk on together2. Then they see a bench and sit down. They put the basket under the bench. They talk about their new toys, about their school, their lessons and many other things.

At that time a little dog sees the basket. It seems the nice cake3. The little dog looks at the basket and then jumps into it.

After some time Mary says, “Good-bye, Ann”. Then she takes the basket and goes to her grandmother’s house.

“Good morning,” she says. “Happy birthday to you, Granny dear! This cake and these apples are for you”. With these words she puts the basket on a chair, opens it and… sees a dog, but no cake and apples.

 “And do not stop on your way there”.1 – И не останавливайся по дороге.

walk on together2 – идут вместе

It seems the nice cake3 – Он чувствует запах чудесного пирога.

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  1. Write down 2 names of food and 2 names of the seasons from the text.
  2. True or False
  3. Mary is a pupil of the seventh grade.
    1. She lives with her mother in a house in Pushkin Street in Kiev.
    2. She has a grandmother and loves her very much.
    3. Her grandmother’s house is not beautiful and comfortable.
    4. It is near the forest where there are many pretty flowers spring and summer.
    5. Mary’s friend Kate is a pupil, and they study at the same grade.
    6. A little kitten sees the basket under the bench.

III. Choose the right answer

  1. What is Mary?
  2. a) a doctor b) a pupil    c) a waiter
  3. She lives with ….
  4. a) her mother in a house in Sedov Street in Kiev
  5. b) her mother in a house in Pushkin Street in Kharkiv
  6. c) her grandmother in a house in Sokolov Streeet
  7. Her grandmother’s house is
  8. a) not beautiful and comfortable
  9. b) old and dark
  10. c) rather beautiful and comfortable
  11. What does Mother say to Mary one day?
  12. a) to clean the house and go shopping
  13. b) to put a cake and some nice apples into the basket and take them to her grandmother
  14. c) to water the flowers
  15. Write how you celebrate your birthday.

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The Little Elephant

 This is a story about a little elephant. The little elephant is not happy. He says, “I do not like to work at the circus, I do not want to do trick for children. I want to run away.” So he runs away. He goes to the forest and there he sees a brown bear and says, “How do you do Bear. Do you like here? I like to live in the forest. I want to live in the forest with you.” “All right,” says the brown bear. “But you must prepare for the winter. You must find a hole to sleep in winter.”

The little elephant does not like to work. He does not want to prepare for the winter. So he goes away. He walks and walks. Then he sees a squirrel. So he comes up to the squirrel and says, “How do you do, squirrel! Do you like here? I want to live in the forest with you.” “All right,” says the squirrel! “But you must prepare for the winter, you must gather nuts for the winter.” But the little elephant says, “I don’t want to prepare for the winter. I don’t want to gather nuts for the winter. I don’t want to look for a hole, I don’t want to live in the forest. I want to go home. Home is best.”

And the little elephant goes back to the circus.


5 КЛАС  ___________________________________________________



  1. Write the correct form of the jumbled words.

Taepnlhe, sucric, rabe, esqrlrui, niwret, moeh

II True or false 

  1. The little elephant is not happy.
  2. He goes to the wood.
  3. He sees a brown bear.
  4. The little elephant is not fond of working.
  5. Then he sees a squirrel.
  6. The squirrel says: You must gather nuts and mushrooms.
  7. The elephant wants to do nothing.
  8. He returns to the circus.


III. Fill in the suitable words.

  1. He says I do not like _ .
  2. He goes to _ and there he sees _.
  3. The brown _ says the elephant must _.
  4. The little elephant does not want to _ so he _.


  1. Write your opinion.

Do you like to work? Write a few sentences about how do you help your mother about the house.

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I. Choose the correct answer

1.__ is a spring holiday.

  1. Women’s Day b) St. Valentine’s Day     c)New Year’s Day

2.We have a ____ on New Year’s Day

  1. chocolate b)Easter eggs green trees c)Valentine Cards
  2. They say ghosts and witches come out on ____
  3. a) Easter b) Christmas c) Halloween
  4. People buy or make Valentine cards to people
  5. a) they hate b) they love c) who likes presents
  6. Fill in the blanks with the words:

( sweep, trousers, wool, needle, broom )

  1. If there is a dust on the floor we … it with a …
  2. Yesterday Tom fell down and made a hole in his …
  3. Mother took some … and a long … to mend his trousers.
  4. When do you give people presents?
  5. What sort of presents do you like?
  6. When do people give you presents?
  7. Do you celebrate New Year?
  8. When do you have Christmas in Ukraine?
  9. Speak on one of the following topics
III. Answer the questions

Tell about your favourite seasons.

Tell about your best friend.

Tell about how do you help your mother.

 5 КЛАС  ___________________________________________________



  1. Match the word
  2. to be proud a) шукати
  3. to improve b) з’являтися
  4. to look for c) сльоза
  5. to promise d) покращувати
  6. to appear e) бути гордим
  7. a tear f)  обіцяти


  1. Write 3 forms of the irregular verbs

to break                                        to fly

to bring                                        to forget

to flight                                        to blow


III.   Fill in preposition

  1. …6 June
  2. …Wednesday
  3. …Easter
  4. …my birthday
  5. …summer
  6. …night


  1. Open the brackets
  2.  Yesterday I ( to get up ) early.
  3. He ( to speak ) three foreign languages.
  4. You can’t see Ann now. She ( to have ) an interview.
  5. You ( to think ) it is all right?
  6. What you ( to buy ) tomorrow in the shop?
  7. I never ( to be ) to London.
  8. Yesterday at this time I ( to listen ) to his songs over the radio.
  9. I know ( much, many ) Italian people.
  10. There is not ( nothing, anything ) in the bag.
  11. You are ( busy ) than your little sister.
  12. This exercise is ( difficult ) than that one.
  13. John is ( good ) pupil in the class.


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