I Science

  1. How many letters are there in English alphabet? (26)
  2. How many languages are there in the world? (There are about 2,700)
  3. How many people speak English as their own language? (about 250 million)
  4. Call English – speaking countries. (The UK, America, Canada, Australia, new Zealand, Jamaica, Trinidad)
  5. What are the first and the last letters of the English alphabet? (A-Z)
  6. How many letters are there in Greek alphabet? (24)
  7. What are the first and the last letters in Greek alphabet?(Alpha – Omega)
  8. What are the classical languages? (Latin and Greek)
  9. What languages have 26 letters? ( English, French, German, Latin)
  10. What are the most popular oldest and beautiful universities in England, Ukraine and America? (Oxford  and Cambridge, Kyiv university after Shevchenko and the university of California)
  11. What is the age for compulsory education in England? (from 5 to 16 year)
  12. Where does the word «alphabet» come from?(It comes from Greek language. Ukrainian «азбука», English «ABC»)
  1. What was the first university in America? (Harvard University)
  2. What is a computer? (a king of a calculating machines)
  3. Who built the first car in America? (Henry Ford)
  4. What country was discovered by the English Captain Cook? (Australia)
  5. Who discovered America? (Christopher Columbus in 1492)
  6. When did the first Cossacks appear in Ukraine? ( In the 15 th century)
  7. When was the first democratic Constitution written in our country? (In the 18 th century PylypOrlik wrote it nearly 1712)
  8. When was the American Constitution adopted? (September 17, 1782)
  9. Who is the Head of the state of the UK? (the Queen Elizabeth II)
  10. Who is one of the world`s richest woman? (the Queen Elizabeth)

II Geography

  1. What river is in the mouth? (The Desna)
  2. What capital stands on a soft place? (Paris stands on the river Sena)
  3. Which is the most beautiful lake in Europe? (The Geneva lake in Switzerland)
  4. Which is the largest lake in the world?(The Caspian lake)
  5. Which is the largest river in Africa ( Europe and Australia) (The Nile, the Danube, the Murray)
  6. What is the highest peak – in Ukraine? (The Goverla 2601 m.)
  7. What is the highest peak in the world?(the Everest in Himalayan)
  8. How many seasons are there in some countries in Africa? (There are 2 seasons)
  9. Where do the shortest people live? (In Africa)
  10. What is nearer America or the moon? (The moon, you can see the moon but you can`t see America)

III Wild World

  1. How long does an elephant live? (a hundred years)
  2. How long does a crocodile live? (3 hundred years)
  3. What is the bird which lives in the forest and does not fly? (the Kiwi – the national bird of New Zealand)
  4. What is the national bird of Ukraine? (the heron)
  5. What white animals do you know? (Cats, dogs, rabbits, goats, bears, elephants, tigers, crocodiles)
  6. What is one of Australian`s most famous and best loved animal? (The Koala)

IV Different Spheres

  1. What is white when it is dirty and black when it is clean? (a blackboard)
  2. Where do the world`s finest apples grow? (In trees)
  3. What has two arms and four legs? (an arm-chair)
  4. What can fly without wings? (Time)
  5. What do you usually see people eat their soup with? (your eyes)
  6. What always keeps both hands in front of its face? (a clock)
  7. Who do all people store with an open mouth at? ( The dentist)
  8. What can run all day long without getting hot? (cold water)
  9. What word is always pronounced wrong? (Wrong)
  10. Where does Thursday come before Wednesday? (In the dictionary)
  11. What famous group (assembly) was organized in Liverpool? (Beatles)

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