Extreme sports

To begin with, there are a lot of people who go in for extreme sports. They leave their offices

and business to spend their free time doing extremely dangerous things. Some of them go

diving while others cross the ocean. All of them want to feel something more than their normal

lives can offer. They want adventures. And extreme sports can help us to experience these adventures.

The advantage of doing this sport is that you completely forget about your every day problems.

There is an element of risk in all extreme sports. But if you are careful, this sport can be safe.

The difference between extreme sport and normal sport is that people who do them are more

interested in testing their own abilities than in wining prizes.

As for me, I like extreme sports and I became interested in them two years ago when I was

on holiday with my friends. Some people were parascending and it looked really exciting. So

I decided to try it. At first I was a bit scared but it was a fantastic experience. I loved this

feeling of freedom. It was the most exciting moment in my life .I still really enjoy parascending.

Motoracing is another sport I’d like to try and also like to watch it on TV. But   it is very dangerous

and expensive to do it. All in all, I think extreme sports help me to be a strong and more independent person.extreme sports wallpapers1

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