Our world in one hundred years

The world has been greatly changed in 100 years
what the world be in 100 years.

In my opinion, the topic of our future life is interesting for everybody. Surely, million of people have pondered over the future.  Having rich imagination, an optimistic person can imagine the world in 100 years in very bright colors where everybody is healthy, rich and happy, but a pessimistic person can think of the world in 100 years in very dark colors where there are plenty of problems or even the life of humanity is over. However, as far as I try to be a realist person, let’s try to forecast the real situation on our planet in a hundred years.

Firstly, the main question is whether humanity will be able to overcome some global problems such as some kinds of pollution, the scarcity of natural resources, consequences of global warming, possibility of the nuclear war and some others.
Secondly, a great amount of human’s activities are going to be replaced by different kinds of machines such as robots or computers and people will become too lazy to perform their routine work expecting everything to be automatic. On the one hand, it will save a lot of time for more important occasions but on the other hand, it can affect badly on people’s health because their activity will significantly be reduced. Definitely, the world is changing every day and it will be a completely different in 100 years but the main reference of humanity is to stay really worth people, put the human’s life superior to the bags of gold.

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