1. Excuse me, what did you say?
  2. Excuse me.
  3. Expiration date.
  4. Fill it up, please.
  5. Follow me.
  6. For how many nights?
  7. Forget it.
  8. From time to time.
  9. Give me a call.
  10. Give me the pen.
  11. Go straight ahead.
  12. Good afternoon.
  13. Good evening sir.
  14. Good idea.
  15. Good Luck.
  16. Good morning.
  17. Great.
  18. Happy Birthday.
  19. Has your brother been to California?
  20. Have a good trip.
  21. Have they met her yet?
  22. Have you arrived?
  23. Have you been to Boston?
  24. Have you been waiting long?
  25. Have you done this before?
  26. Have you eaten at that restaurant?
  27. Have you eaten yet?
  28. Have you ever had Potato soup?
  29. Have you finished studying?
  30. Have you seen this movie?
  31. He always does that for me.
  32. He broke the window.
  33. He doesn’t look like a nurse.
  34. He has a nice car.
  35. He likes it very much.
  36. He likes juice but he doesn’t like milk
  37. He needs some new clothes.
  38. He never gives me anything.
  39. He said this is a nice place.
  40. He said you like to watch movies.
  41. He studies at Boston University.
  42. He thinks we don’t want to go.
  43. He works at a computer company in NewYork.
  44. He’ll be back in 20 minutes.
  45. Hello.
  46. Help!
  47. Here is your salad.
  48. Here it is.
  49. Here you are.
  50. Here’s my number.
  51. Here’s your order.
  52. He’s a very good student.
  53. He’s an American.
  54. He’s an Engineer.
  55. He’s coming soon.
  56. He’s faster than me.
  57. He’s in the kitchen.
  58. He’s never been to America.
  59. He’s not in right now.
  60. He’s right.
  61. He’s very annoying.
  62. He’s very famous.
  63. He’s very hard working.
  64. Hi, is Mrs. Smith there, please?
  65. His family is coming tomorrow.
  66. His room is very small.
  67. His son.
  68. How about Saturday?
  69. How are you paying?
  70. How are you?
  71. How are your parents?
  72. How do I get there?
  73. How do I get to Daniel Street?
  74. How do I get to the American Embassy?
  75. How do I use this?
  76. How do you know?
  77. How do you pronounce that?
  78. How do you say it in English?
  79. How do you spell it?
  80. How do you spell the word Seattle?
  81. How does it taste?
  82. How far is it to Chicago?
  83. How far is it?
  84. How is she?
  85. How long are you going to stay in California?
  86. How long are you going to stay?
  87. How long does it take by car?
  88. How long does it take to get to Georgia?
  89. How long have you been here?
  90. How long have you been in America?
  91. How long have you lived here?
  92. How long have you worked here?
  93. How long is it?
  94. How long is the flight?
  95. How long will it take?
  96. How long will you be staying?
  97. How many children do you have?
  98. How many hours a week do you work?
  99. How many languages do you speak?
  100. How many miles is it to Pennsylvania?
  101. How many people are there in New York?
  102. How many people do you have in yourfamily?
  103. How many people?
  104. How many?
  105. How much altogether?
  106. How much are these earrings?
  107. How much do I owe you?
  108. How much does it cost per day?
  109. How much does this cost?
  110. How much is it?
  111. How much is that?
  112. How much is this?
  113. How much money do you have?
  114. How much money do you make?
  115. How much will it cost?
  116. How much would you like?
  117. How old are you?
  118. How tall are you?
  119. How was the movie?
  120. How was the trip?
  121. How’s business?
  122. How’s the weather?
  123. How’s work going?
  124. Hurry!
  125. I agree.
  126. I ate already.
  127. I believe you.
  128. I bought a shirt yesterday.
  129. I came with my family.
  130. I can swim.
  131. I can’t hear you clearly.
  132. I can’t hear you.
  133. I don’t care.
  134. I don’t feel well.
  135. I don’t have a girlfriend.
  136. I don’t have any money.
  137. I don’t have enough money.
  138. I don’t have time right now.
  139. I don’t know how to use it.
  140. I don’t know.
  141. I don’t like him.
  142. I don’t like it.
  143. I don’t mind.
  144. I don’t speak English very well.
  145. I don’t speak very well.
  146. I don’t think so.
  147. I don’t understand what your saying.
  148. I don’t understand.
  149. I don’t want it.
  150. I don’t want that.
  151. I don’t want to bother you.
  152. I feel good.
  153. I forget.
  154. I get off of work at 6.
  155. I give up.
  156. I got in an accident.
  157. I have a cold.
  158. I have a headache.
  159. I have a lot of things to do.
  160. I want to ask you a question.
  161. I have a reservation


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