Teenagers` problems

I think there are many teenagers` problems. It makes the life of teenagers difficult. Complex with appearance start developing, depressions begin, teenagers are excited with mockeries of other teenagers. For example, crimes, drinking alcohol, taking drugs, violence are typical for this age. Teenagers often abandon school, so it breaks the teen’s future. Also teenagers are anxious about the treatment to them of other people. They worry if people don’t respect them. The teenager often groups and develops at school. It’s good when teenagers communicate with other classmates, teachers and they get acquainted with other new people. But unfortunately due to mockeries of classmates teens are able to suicide. Many teenagers both boys and girls begin to keep diaries, where they write all their senses, emotions, dreams, wishes, and secrets. Many teenagers want to keep in a secret that they keep a diary, but many parents want to find their children’s diary.

As I’m also a teenager, I consider that teenagers should have their personal space where even parents mustn’t interfere. In spite of the fact that they consider themselves as adults, they are still children who need our help and advice. They need a help to solve their teen`s problems.

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