• a hill – холм
  • to fight – драться
  • to bite – кусаться
  • to slap – шлепать
  • to kick – пинать
  • including – включая
  • perfect – идеальный
  • smart (smarter) – умный (умнее)
  • an edge – край
  • a push– толчок

pitter-patter– легкий, чуть слышный звук

rat-a-tat-tat – (здесь) топ-топ-топ

clump-clump-clump– гулкий сильный звук


Once upon a time there were three Billy Goats. Their names were Big Bill, Will, and Little Billy. One day they decided to visit their favorite hill and look for something good to eat. Before they could get to the hill, they had to cross a bridge. Under the bridge lived a mean, ugly troll. The troll liked to fight and bite and slap and kick and he especially liked to eat anything, including goats.

Soon the three Billy Goats came to the bridge. Little Billy was the first to cross. The troll heard thepitter-patter  of Little Billy’s feet and shouted, “Who’s there? What’s that? The troll threatened to eat the little goat up, but Little Billy said, “Oh, no. Don’t eat me, I’m too small, but you’ll like my brother Will. He’s much bigger and fatter”.

The troll let Little Billy cross the bridge and waited for Will to come along . Soon the troll heard therat-a-tat-tat of Will’s feet and shouted, “Who’s there? What’s that?” The troll threatened to eat the goat up, but Will said, Oh, no. You don’t want me. You should wait and see my big, fat brother. You’ll just love him”.

The troll let Will cross the bridge and waited for Big to come along. Soon the troll heard theclump-clump-clump of Big Bill’s feet and shouted, “Who’s there? What’s that?” The troll looked up at Big Bill and saw that he was big and fat. He was perfect for dinner. Big Bill answered the troll and he asked him to come up on the bridge. Big Bill told the troll that goats were smarter than trolls, and the troll got very angry. They were arguing, Big Bill asked the troll to take a little step closer to him so he could hear better. Soon, when the troll got near the edge of the bridge, Big Bill gave him a big push and the troll fell down into the water. The three Billy Goats were able to cross the bridge and eat at their favorite hill, and nobody ever saw the troll again.

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