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I Read the text and choose the correct item for each statement below.


                         Main Dish — Pasta with Ham and Apples

For 1—2 servings.

Macaroni or retina pasta, cooked; 200—300 grams of ham, diced;

1 onion, diced; 1 apple, peeled and chopped; butter; 2 teaspoons sugar;

1 teaspoon oregano or basil.

Dice ham and onions. Skin and coarsely chop apple. Melt a little butter

in a frying pan. Cook the onions in the butter until they are translucent.

Add oregano or basil to the onion. Add the ham. Cook in butter

for one minute. Add the apple. Once the apple is soft but not mushy,

add enough extra butter to make a sauce for your pasta. Add a little

sugar to offset the saltiness of the ham. Pour the mixture over your

cooked pasta and serve.

  1. To make this dish, you will need.

A 5 ingredients

B 9 ingredients

C 7 ingredients

D 6 ingredients

  1. The purpose of the butter is to.

A give flavour to the sauce

B cook the onion

C mix the ingredients together

D keep the pasta from sticking together

  1. Based on the recipe, this dish is most likely to taste .

A slightly sweet

B slightly salty

C very salty

D slightly sour

  1. This dish would probably be served .

A instead of soup

B after the soup

C for dessert

D as a salad

  1. According to this recipe, you may choose to .

A leave out the pasta

B add additional flavours if desired

C add some sweetness

D decorate the dish with spices

  1. All of these are needed for this dish except.

A ham

B garlic

C sugar

D onion


II Complete the text with the words from the table.


               Giraffe Was on Menu in Pompeii Restaurants

Giraffe was on the (1——————–) in Pompeii’s standard restaurants, says

a new research into a non-elite section of the ancient Roman city buried by Mount Vesuvius’ eruption in 79 A.D.

The researchers dug out drains (2——————) well as 10 lavatories and

cesspits, and analysed excrement and food waste from (3—————–). It

emerged that the (4——————-) ate rather well in Pompeii, living on a diet

of inexpensive and widely available grains, fruits, nuts, olives, lentils,

local fish and chicken eggs. But they also (5——————-) more expensive

meat, shellfish, sea urchin and (6————) fish from (7————-) — not to

mention delicacies such as giraffe meat.

The traditional (8————-) of some mass… scrounging for whatever

they can pinch from the side of a street, or huddled around a bowl of

gruel needs to be replaced by a higher fare and standard of living, at

least for the urbanites in Pompeii, Ellis said in a statement.

But it was the butchered leg joint of the giraffe that intrigued the

archaeologists. Representing the height of exotic (9—————), it is also

the only giraffe (10—————–) ever recorded from an archaeological

excavation in Roman Italy, Ellis said.

(Source: http://news.discovery.com/history/archaeology/



A    B C D
1 menu table recept receipt
2 as so not such
3 corridors bedrooms halls kitchens
4 poor rich wealthy children
5 eat ate eaten eating
6 salty salt and pepper salted salt
7 Spanish the Spanish Spain New Spain
8 video vision pointless understand
9 beverages fruit drinks food
10 bone tooth ear tail


III Write a letter to your friend

Comment on the following issues.

  • Do younger people have anything to learn from the older generation?
  • Should we blindly follow all of their advice?
  • Does the older generation have anything to learn from the younger?








 I  Read the text and choose the correct item for each statement below.


                                        Greek Heroes

Hercules was tried to be destroyed by Hera putting snakes in his

crib, but he was too powerful even as a baby to be destroyed.

Achilles was the Greek’s best warrior in the Trojan War. He was

vulnerable in one spot on his body. When he fought in the Trojan War,

Paris shot an arrow into the heel to kill him.

Theseus saved his countrymen from having to send human sacrifice

to the Minotaur, a beast that was half man, half bull.

Odysseus was the one who came up with the idea of the Trojan horse.

Perseus was helped by the gods to obtain the deadly head of snaketressed


Jason was another hero with an unfortunate childhood. Jason’s parents

sent him to the wise centaur Chiron to be raised. To win back the

throne Jason was sent to capture the Golden Fleece.

Bellerophon is a little short of status among the heroes. He rode on

the winged horse Pegasus, killed the Chimera monster, and tried to fly

Pegasus to Olympus.

Orpheus is a hero for two reasons: he was counted among them in

the Golden Fleece quest of the Argonauts and he survived a quest that

even the more obviously heroic Theseus failed.

Cadmus was the Phoenician founder of Thebes. He killed the dragon,

planted its teeth and watched as armed men emerged from the ground.

In this top 10 list, one female athlete deserves a place. She is Atlanta,

the only woman who sailed with Jason on his quest for the golden

fleece. She is also the hunter who first pierced the Caledonian Boar.


  1. The Greek hero who was very strong as a child was__________ .

A Perseus    B Jason    C Theseus     D Hercules


  1. Achilles’ only vulnerability was___________ .

A his fear of snakes   B fleece  C his heel   D his teeth


  1. The only woman hero mentioned in the article is____________ .

A Atalanta   B Odysseus   C Harmonia   D Hera

  1. All of the following were mentioned in the text except____________ .

A Jason   B Bellerophon      C Hercules    D Athens


  1. Which Greek hero used a wooden animal to conquer his enemy?

A Achilles.  B Odysseus.  C Orpheus.  D Cadmus.


  1. All of the following fought monsters except____________ .

A Jason  B Cadmus  C Bellerophon     D Perseus


II Complete the text with the words from the table.

If you asked a random (1_____________) on the street what they thought

the purpose of school was, they would probably say something about

(2_____________) and be done with it. Beyond simply educating the masses

at their most receptive ages, school is, more than anything else, about

(3___________) the student, as a whole person, for the (4________) world.

Many students can’t remember many of their (5_________) from primary

and secondary education. But they will often remember certain defining

social (6_________) , and whatever growth accompanied those events. If,

after (7__________) secondary school, they decided to further study a subject

from secondary school, they would likely remember a lot of information

on that one subject, but may not be able to recall much from other subjects.

School is much more than (8_______) sitting in class and taking part in lessons.

Schools have, for a long time, also recognized the importance of growing

the entire person, rather than just their brain. Concerts, dances,

opening and close-of-semester ceremonies are just a few examples of

schools actively trying to (9_______) their student body, beyond simply

sticking them in a classroom and leaving it at that.

To (10_______) , schools have always functioned as more than simple centres

of learning. They are the bridge from adolescence to adulthood, more

than any other institution, and their role shouldn’t be underappreciated.

(From «How to Prepare for the TOEFL IBT»

Source: http://www.innovative-english.com/TEFLCD/lessons/tread3.htm)


  A B C D
1 people person friend man
2 friendship living career education

















having traditionally













entering worthy





III Write a letter to your friend

3 Comment on the following issues. The debate on smoking is very prominent across the globe.

  • What is your opinion on this topic?
  • Should smoking cigarettes be made illegal everywhere?
  • Is it the government’s role to tell people how to live?







 I  Read the text and choose the correct item for each statement below.


                                                 Lonely Planet: Turkey

Driving around Turkey lets you enjoy the country. On the other hand,

it also leads to extra costs and dangers.

Turkey has one of the world’s highest motor vehicle accident rates,

with thousands of fatalities each year, and tens of thousands of injuries.

Despite efforts to persuade Turkish drivers to tame the motoring

monster, there’s still a long way to go. Turkish drivers are not discourteous,

but they are impatient and incautious. To survive on Turkey’s

highways, drive cautiously and very defensively, avoid driving at night,

and never let emotions affect what you do.

If you bring your motorcycle to Turkey, you should mind the following.

Spare parts will be hard to find, so bring what you may need,

or rely on the Turkish mechanics to find, adapt or make you a part. Or

call home, and get them from customs.

There are good motorways from the Bulgarian border near Edirne

to Istanbul and Ankara, and south from Emir to Ayden. All motorways

have fees but they’re usually only around US$1 a time.

There are petrol stations everywhere, and many are mega-enterprises,

complete with hotel, restaurant and shopping mall.

(from Lonely Planet Publications”, Melbourne, 2003)

  1. Turkey’s motor vehicle accident rate ranks_______.

A highest in the world

B second highest in the world

C as one of the highest in the world

D fifth highest in the world

  1. The author describes Turkey’s drivers as _______.

A discourteous

B patient

C defensive

D impatient and incautious

  1. The author advises the reader that when bringing a motorcycle to


A parts for the motorcycle will be easy to find if it breaks down

B Turkish mechanics will be tempted to buy the motorcycle

C you should bring your own parts for the motorcycle

D you may be able to obtain parts from customs officials

  1. All motorways in Turkey­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­_______________ .

A cost some money if one wants to use them

B are free to people who want to use them

C are free from the Bulgarian border to Istanbul

D can be used all day for one toll



  1. Many petrol stations can be found close to____________.

A hotels

B restaurants

C shopping malls

D all of the above

  1. The main subject of this text is______ .

A how to enjoy the beautiful scenery in Turkey

B travelling in Turkey by motor vehicle

C how to prevent crime in Turkey

D where to find bargains in Turkey


II Complete the text with the words from the table.


Italian (1) are famed for their history and (2­­­____), but to many people Venice is unquestionably one of the (3____) cities (4______) the world.  Constructed on an archipelago of 18 small islands separated (5______) a dense network of waterways, Venice is geared to accommodating the millions of tourists who flock here annually. Known (6_____) as “The Queen of the Adriatic”, Venice is best seen by water.

Relax as you wind your way along the Grand Canal (7_____) incredible façades of Gothic and Renaissance palaces and magnificent churches below the elegant Rialto Bridge. Go (8____ ) around the numerous palaces and take in the wonderful architectural heritage. Venice today still looks much as it (9____) in the 13th century, with the exception of a few transformations to some buildings. Crowded throughout

the summer months, reasonably priced accommodation is almost impossible

(10_____) , so an advance booking is essential.

A   B C D
1 cities city place location
2 cultures culture cultured cultural
3 finest smallest widest narrowest
4 into at in on
5 with for at by
6 locally strangely luckily obligatory
7 along past forward to
8 sightseeing sight walk stroll
9 does do did has done
10 found to find founded having found

III Write a letter to your friend

IComment on the following issues.

  • We are living in the age of high technologies. What other scientific

surprises can be observed in future?

  • What do you think the next great invention will be?
  • What invention do you think the world needs most? 2





Variant 9

I Read the text and choose the correct item for each statement below.

Obama’s Victorious Landslide

Barack Obama swept to victory as the nation’s first black that overcame

racial barriers as old as America itself.

Son of a black father from Kenya and a white mother from Kansas,

the Democratic senator from Illinois sealed his historic triumph by

defeating Republican Senator John McCain in a string of wins in hard fought

battle ground states of Ohio, Florida, Virginia and Iowa.

A huge crowd in Grant Park in Obama’s home town of Chicago erupted

in jubilation at the news of his victory. Some wept.

McCain called his former rival to concede defeat. The American

people have spoken and spoken clearly, McCain told disappointed supporters

in Arizona.

Obama and his running mate, Senator Joseph Biden of Delaware, take

their oaths of office as president and vice president on January 20, 2009.

Obama asked John McCain for his help in leading the country in

a telephone call, moments after the Democratic senator was declared

the country’s first black president. An Obama spokesman said Obama

thanked McCain for his graciousness and told him he had wagged a rough

race, quoting Obama as saying to McCain, ”I need your help. You’re

a leader on so many important issues”.

A few blocks away, a massive crowd in Grant Park that included

celebrities Oprah Winfrey and Brad Pitt erupted into cheers to see their

chosen candidate break the White House colour barrier.

(Adapted from «Metro» newspaper article, 11/5/08)

  1. Which of the following states was difficult for Obama to win?

A Kansas.

B Florida.

C Illinois.

D Chicago.

  1. Senator Joseph Biden _________.

A is from Arizona

B was a running mate of Senator John McCain

C was elected vice president

D was with Brad Pitt and Oprah Winfrey

  1. January 20_____ .

A was the day Obama took his presidential oath

B was the day the Republicans won the election

C was the day Obama’s father came to the United States

D was election day

  1. Barack Obama made history because_________ .

A he won the US presidential election in a landslide

B his parents are form Kenya

C he is a senator from Illinois

D he is the first US black president

  1. The word jubilation means __________.

A music making

B great happiness

C run smoothly

D candy-like

  1. Obama told McCain each of the following except.

A the American people have spoken clearly

B his help is needed

C it had been a rough race

D he is a leader on important issues

II Complete the text with the words from the table.

Although I am a police (1_____), I certainly don’t believe that crime control is entirely the responsibility of the police (2________) .I am convinced that prevention is the key to success and that all of us (3______) work together to prevent crime. Not giving (4______) the opportunity is the first step. Make your homes burglar-proof by always   locking up, installing an alarm system and putting identification numbers on your valuable items. Make sure your garden and drive are lit up (5______) night, and report any suspicious behaviour immediately. The more unattractive you make your home to burglars, the (6______) likely it is that a crime will take place. The police are here to help you, but you have to help us as well.

As a parent, I believe that young people are the key to crime prevention. Television and films make crime look (7_____) and romantic and even modern music glamorizes crime. Of course we can’t control everything our children watch or listen to — it would just make them more rebellious if we tried to. The only way to fight these influences is through (8_______). We must teach young people, (9_____) in school and at home — what the realities of a life of crime are, and how becoming involved in crime can ruin a young person’s life. We must also show them by our own behaviour that crime is wrong. A parent who cheats on his or her taxes, for example, cannot expect a child to see criminal activity as (10_______) to be avoided.


A    B C D
1   officers official officer officially
2 fierce force  power authority
3 can may must ought
4 criminalize criminals criminological criminology
5 for with at of
6 less few little many
7 excite excited exciting excitement
8 study education learning teaching
9 some from as both
10 something anything nothing everything

III Write a letter to your friend. Comment on the following issues.

  • We are living in the age of high technologies. What other scientific

surprises can be observed in future?

  • What do you think the next great invention will be?
  • What invention do you think the world needs most?



Variant 10


I Read the text and choose the correct item for each statement below.

Winter Olympics

In a break with Olympic tradition, the organizers decided to split the

Summer and Winter Games.

The town of Lillehammer in Norway was chosen to host the 1994 Winter

Games. The Norwegians took their responsibilities very seriously, and

created a magnificent setting for the games. The best was the building of

an Ice Stadium built into the side of a mountain at a nearby town.

The opening ceremony was exciting. Several Olympic records were

broken and there was generally a wonderful atmosphere.

Unfortunately, it was believed that the British Ice Dance champions

were victims of unfair judging. Critics thought Ice Dancing should not be

an Olympic sport, and this row over medals did not help its image.

In the speed-skating competitions, the British felt as though they

were being unfairly judged. There was the very ugly dispute between two

American ice skaters. Their arguments became almost a soap opera, and

a record American television audience watched the competition.


  1. What decision was made about the Summer and Winter Games?

A To hold them every four years.

B To separate them.

C To spend more time organizing them.

D To stretch them over five years.

  1. What was it that the hosts took seriously?

A Their town.

B The setting.

C Their country.

D Their responsibilities.

  1. What will ensure that Lillehammer may be a permanent site for the

Olympic Games?

A The Ice Stadium.

B The Norwegian Crown Prince.

C The mountains.

D The ski-jump.

  1. What do people think produced the wonderful atmosphere in Norway?

A The opening ceremony.

B The sporting events.

C New Olympic records.

D The personalities of the Norwegians.

  1. What did some British competitors think?

A They weren’t good enough to compete.

B They were being disqualified too often.

C They weren’t being judged fairly.

D They were under attack.

  1. What was the reason for more Americans watching the Games?

A An unpleasant argument.

B The disqualification of a skater.

C The speed-skating.

D Ice Dancing.

II Complete the text with the words from the table.


A recent archeological find (1__________) Essex is a Celtic surgeon’s tool

kit including scalpels, retractors and probes. It was pretty (2___________),

even compared to many major finds heralded in the media over the


This one was (4___________) important, demonstrating a stronger link

to our past than people might think. The find shows there were keen

(5______) minds at work and emphasizes how much modern society has

(6______) common with them.

Finds like this are very rare but encourage the idea that when we

(7______) we are looking for (8_____) in particular. Visitors to excavation

sites are often disappointed when we haven’t found anything exciting

they don’t realize that many of us will never come across such

a find in an entire lifetime of digging. (9_______) own treasure count

in eleven years of digging is one small Roman gold earring found by

someone else on a site where I was working.

What we’re actually digging for is to record the whole sequence of

human activity on a site. This involves methodical recording of hundreds

of layers of soil and remains of (10_______) long disused and buried

under the debris of later occupation. It’s the sequence of events which

is significant here, and not any single episode.

(From Entry Tests)

A    B C D
1 in on of with
2 excited exciting excite excites
3 yet yearly years year
4 particular part parts particularly
5 scientific scientific scientist scientifically
6 on at in under
7 move dig go gun
8 something anything nothing everything
9 me mine my I
10 buildings regions ways fences

III Write a letter to your friend.

 Comment on the following issues.

  • Imagine you have just won $1,000,000 in the lottery.
  • What would you buy with the money?
  • Would you help your friends and family or keep it for yourself?

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