A letter to a friend

Dear John,

How are you? I know that you are going to come to Ukraine and live with our family. So, I decided to tell you about my house, family, school, friends and me. We live in a big house. And the best room in my house is already prepared for you. I’d like to admit, that we have a very friendly relationships. And we are always glad to invite somebody to our house.

As for me, my name’s Natalia, I’m fourteen years too. My mom’s name is Marina, she works as a pediatrician. She is very kind and helpful. I think, you will like her. My father’s  name is Alex. He works in a hotel.

To my mind, my school is very nice and our teachers are perfect. Our classrooms are very modern.  Have you got a  computer in your classroom? But we have and it helps us to hold our lessons. We can show presentations and watch documentary films during the studies.

I’d like to add, that besides school I have a lot of different activities like sport, readings books and watching films. So I hope that we will do a lot of activities together.

What is more I want to acquaint you with my best friend Dasha. We are real friends and I know she will never betray me.

I really like taking pictures and walking around the city. That’s why I want you to come to us and I’ll show you all my favourite places.

So, I’m waiting for you eagerly. And I hope that you will like Ukraine and our city.

Best wishes.


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