A personal letter

Dear John,

How are you? I think you are well. I found out that you were going to come to our country for a year. It’s a great pleasure for me to hear that, because my family and I are waiting for you.

First of all, I would like to tell you about my family. We are very united and always ready to help each other. Generally, my mother has a very serious profession. She is a militiaman, but you will not afraid of her, she doesn’t bite. Actually, my mother and grandmother are very careful, understanding and can cook very well, so I hope you will enjoy their delicious meal.

To my mind, it’s a real happiness to find someone that you can trust to. But it is very hard, because there are many selfish people nowadays. However, I have many friends, but only one person Dasha is my close friend. I have been  knowing  her for ten years, that’s why she knows almost all my secrets, and I let her to my thoughts, heart and life.

And you know, I have changed my school this year. Of course, I was afraid but I am happy that I have made new friends there. In my opinion, my school has many positive qualities, like constant heating, whiteboards, chefs who prepare delicious and very knowledgeable teachers.

As we will be together a lot, I am sure that you should know some things about me. Actually, I like to read books and my favourite  one is Ten Niggers so if you like to read detective stories we will be good friends with you. Watching American films and serials makes me happy and relax. I go to the Green Forest Club and if you want, we can go together.

Also, I like dogs a lot. And what about you? And I think that one’ s  attitude to various animals shows very much. If a person has some cruelty in his heart and soul, be sure that he/she doesn’t like animals and everything that can move. And if you want, we can watch a great film Hatiko the tenth time together.

All in all, I hope that you will enjoy such amazing country Ukraine and I promise to organize the excursion around this marvelous city.

So, I am waiting for you.

Best wishes.


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