About myself

My name is Lilly  White and I was born in London, England on the third of April 2000. My family is an averaged-sized English family; I have a mother, father and a brother. My mother is a housewife but does some part-time work every morning at the local college of higher education. My father has now retired but he used to work as a research chemist in a pharmaceutical company. My brother’s name is Nick, he is twenty one years old and is at university in Hudderafield. He is studying engineering.

I have just finished St. Ann’s Convent School in Southampton where I obtained four «А» levels. My immediate plans are to go to Manchester University and study Japan  because I have always been interested in foreign languages. My mother is Italian so I can speak Italian fluently and I was lucky enough to study both French and German at school. While I was at school I also had the opportunity to learn a musical instrument. In my spare time I practice my flute.

I also enjoy meeting my friends at the weekend when we usually watch a film together and chat or go to a disco. When I have a lot of free time I like to sit down for the afternoon and read a good book, I particularly enjoy the traditional English classics like Charles Dickens and Thomas Hardy. I enjoy writing letters to my many friends abroad and if I have a lot of time I even like to do some cooking.

For the past two years, while I was at sixth-form college I had a part-time Saturday job in a shop as a sales assistant. I had to work from 9 a.m. — 6 p.m. with an hour’s lunch break, it was very interesting to meet the general public, to find out what sort of work shop- work is and of course to receive a bit of extra pocket money. In the evening, I spend my time watching television like every other teenager does too.

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