My future career

At school everyone is fortunated to study a variety of subjects which means that you are given an ideal opportunity to find out which subject you enjoy and which you are particularly good at.

I especially like languages  – which is why when we had the choice at school at the age of fourteen I chose to learn German instead of continuing with Physics. Languages are always very interesting at our school because I have very good and enthusiastic teachers. They are strict so they make sure that at the initial stage of our course we learn all the basic vocabulary straight away. The only problem that we have is that we don’t do enough oral work because we always concentrate on our written language.

Perhaps my favourite teacher is my Maths teacher and this is because I don’t find Maths  easy and she spends a lot of time explaining things to me actually making the subject interesting.

I consider myself  very lucky to have such kind, considerate and enthusiastic teachers. They certainly encourage me to think about teaching as a career.

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