Firstly, let me show the advantages of all these mobile phones, computers, mail lists in the Internet and of course different nodes, fax machines, copy machines and so on. I strongly believe, that all equipments are very important in my life.You can to do business from Kyiv to Madrid .Moreover, a mobile phone can help you to get out of a difficult situation or reach your partner wherever he is. According to statistics, nowadays it is much more easier for people to get any kind of information with the help of the Internet. And it is a well-known fact, that the person who owes the information, rules the world.

Secondly, I would like to perform you different disadvantages of modern technologies. they don’t know how to communicate! They simply can’t do it without the computers and mobile phones, and unfortunately an old joke about two programmers, sitting at the same table in the restaurant and communicating via the Internet, doesn’t look like a joke any more!

Speaking about the mobile phones – they can turn your life into the nightmare, if you want to be left alone. Summing it all up, I want to say that everybody has the right to live in “peace” and ‘privacy’, but in our modern world it is very difficult to get it. So, next time when you want to be left alone, simply turn off your mobile phone and tell everybody that you probably were outside the zone! And using the Internet to send an e-mail or to find the needed information remember that Internet is saving your time, and in our world “time is money”!

So, appreciate your time and you will probably have a lot of money.

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