Mickey’s Twice Upon a Christmas Listening

Scene 1. Belles on the Ice.

Choose the correct answer:

  1. Minnie and Daisy were …
  2. a) enemies
  3. b) friends
  4. c) sisters
  5. Who was dancing with Minnie?
  6. a) hippos
  7. b) crocodiles
  8. c) cows
  9. Why did Daisy decide to dance with Minnie?
  10. a) Daisy envies her friend.
  11. b) Daisy wants to support her friend.
  12. What did make Daisy and Minnie make it up?
  13. a) the audience
  14. b) Donald
  15. c) Minnie’s fall
  16. Was their show a success?
  17. a) Yes
  18. b) No



Scene 2. Christmas: Impossible

Say whether these statements are true or false.

  1. The ducklings wanted uncle Scrooge to give them some candies.
  2. The duckling ate the cookies before dinner.
  3. Uncle Scrooge became rich because he was selfish.
  4. The ducklings made the good list this year.
  5. The ducklings flew to the Santa’s workshop to write their names into his list.
  6. The ducklings wrote their names into Santa’s good list.
  7. Uncle Scrooge got a bagpipe as a present.
  8. Donald got a book of fairytales as a present.
  9. The ducklings got many presents for Christmas.

Scene 3. Christmas Maximus

Fill in the gaps with the missing words.

  1. ________ always means well spreading holiday cheer but embarrasses _______ with his pratfalls each _________.
  2. Max, I’m really looking forward to meeting your _______.
  3. He’s (Dad) really __________. He makes people _________ – usually at ______.
  4. Listen, ___________ I told you about the _________ I’m bringing _______ for ______________?
  5. Awesome ___________, ____________! This is ______________.

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