My favourite dish

                                                     Хід уроку

  1. I. Початок уроку.
  2. Організація класу. Привітання.

T-Good morning, dear guests. I welcome you to the best cookery show “Salt and Sugar”.

Повідомлення теми й мети уроку.

T-The topic of today’s program is “The best dish ever”. We have invited the two important guests who are going to present their favourite dishes.

Мовленнєва зарядка.

T-Let’s start with a short survey.

  1. What is your favourite dish?
  2. How can products be prepared?
  3. What kind of food is useful?
  4. What food is unhealthy?
  5. How often do you eat out? Where?


  1. II. Основна частина.
  2. Підготовленні монологічні висловлювання учнів. Аудіювання тексту рецепта рештою школярів.

T-Let me introduce our 1-st guest. (the surname of the pupil)

T-What are you going to cook today?

T-Write down the name of the dish on the blackboard, please.


А) поставлення задачі перед прослуховуванням.

T-Dear guests! I know you’re the reporters of different cookery newspapers and magazines. And you have to write down all the recipes you hear today. So, open your note-books, today is the …( запис дати в зошитах). You are going to listen to the recipe of… and write down the ingredients.

В) Слухання. Монолог учня.

С) Контроль розуміння. Учитель збирає зошити декількох дітей.

Т-The reporters …(surnames) give me your notes, please.

Практикування у складанні питальних речень.

Т-Dear reporters, while the dish is being cooked, you may ask our guest some questions.

(Питання можуть бути різноманітними: for ex.:

Who taught you to cook?

What was your first dish?

When did you cook it? )

Презентація технології приготування страви в Power Point.

Т-Let me introduce our 2-nd guest:(the name of the pupil). Especially for our program he has prepared the presentation of cooking of his  favourite dish.

T-So, what’s the name of the dish?

( презентація проекту  другим учнем)

Т-Do you have any questions to our guest?

 Т-Thank you,… , take your seat.

Робота в групах.

Відновлення первинного тексту рецепта.

T– And now work in groups of five. This is the  “Oven Fried” Chicken recipe.  But the instructions were mixed. Your task is to put these instructions in the correct order.

  • Melt margarine on baking sheet in oven while preheating.
  • Preheat oven to 300.
  • This is so easy and tastes just like deep fried.
  • When margarine is melted remove sheet from oven and coat each chicken breast in margarine
  • Place back on baking sheet and bake for 40 minutes.


  1. Тренування граматичного матеріалу “Present Simple Passive”.

Т-Meet our special guest. He/ She is an expert in cooking. Your task is to make the statements in the Present Simple Passive from these words. The guest will try to guess if your statements are true or false.

  1. A chicken / fry/ for 10 minutes. (false)
  2. A gingerbread / make / of ginger. (true)
  3. Salt / add / to the chocolate cake. (false)
  4. Eggs for salad / boil / for three minutes. (false)
  5. The ingredients / mix / in a frying pan. (false)
  6. Oil and mayonnaise / add / to the vegetable salad. (true)
  7. Pancakes / cook / without milk. (false)

III. Заключна частина.

  1. Домашнє завдання.

Composition “My favourite dish”


  1. Підсумок уроку. Оцінювання учнів.

T– Did you enjoy our cookery show?

– What recipes did you like most?



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