The English party

Ведущий праздника:

– Good day, dear friends!

– We are glad to see you!

– We enjoy English at school. And you?

– Let’s have fun together.

– Listen to English poems. (Дети читают стихи)


                                         What are little boys made of?


What are little boys made of?

What are little boys made of?

Frogs and snails,

And puppy-dog’s tails;

That’s what little boys made of.

What are little girls made of?

What are little girls made of?

Sugar and spice,

And all that’s nice;

That’s what little girls made of.


Monday’s child is nice and slow

Tuesday’s child is go, go, go.

Wednesday’s child is very funny.

Thursday’s child is happy and sunny.

Friday’s child is like a king.

Saturday’s child can dance and sing.

Sunday’s child can stand on her head.

And count the ghosts under her bed!


My House


Let’s go to my house.

Let’s go today.

I’ll show you all the rooms.

Where we work and play.

Here is the kitchen

Where Mother cooks for me.

Here is the living room.

Where I watch TV.

Here is the dining room

We eat here every day.

And this room is my room

Where I sleep and play.


Do it! (Funny training)

Pick up, put down, stand up, and turn round

Clap left, clap right, clap up, clap down.

Look left, look right, look up, and look down.

Turn round, sit down, and touch something…brown!

Point to your teacher, point to the door,

Look at the window, look at the floor,

Stand on your left leg, stand on your right.

Now sit down, touch something …white.

Put your hands and touch your toes.


Ведущий:  – A fable “The Fox and the Crane”.




Scene 1

Fox.  Good morning, my dear friend.

Crane.  Good morning, Foxy.

Fox.  How are you?

Crane. Thank you, I am all right.

Fox.  I am so glad to see you. Come and have dinner with me, my friend!

Crane. Thank you!

                                             Scene 2

Fox.  Here is my home. Sit down, dear Crane. Here is your dinner.

Fox. Help yourself! I hope you like the porridge. I cooked it myself.

Fox. Sorry, my friend, but I have no more porridge!

Crane. Thank you. Come and have dinner with me.


                                                             Scene 3

Crane. Come in.

Fox. Good afternoon, Crane!

Crane. Oh, Foxy, Glad to see you. You are just in time for dinner.

Crane. Help yourself to the soup, my friend.

Crane. Sorry, my friend, but I have no more soup.

Fox. But I am hungry!

Crane. I was hungry after your dinner, too! Good bye. We are no longer friends!

Ведущий:  – Now guess puzzles. These words will help you.

This is a house

With one window in it,

Showing films

Nearly every minute.    (A TV-set)

It is running

Night and day,

But it never runs away.   (A clock)

It’s a berry,

It’s tasty and sweet.

What is it?   (A cherry)

Never planted,

Still it grows.

What’s the answer?

Now who knows?   (hair)

My face is black,

As black as night.

On it with chalk,

All students write.  (A blackboard)

Ведущий:  – Now let’s sing a song!







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