Reading Comprehension. A Silly Dog


  • Study the wordlist for the story.

Gold-diggers – золотоискатели,

Inventive – находчивый,

Suggest – предлагать,

Tent – палатка,

Fuse – фитиль,

Frightened – напуганный,

Curious – любопытный,

Hole – яма, нора, дыра.

  •  Insert the words into the sentences.
  1. When we go on a picnic, we usually take our __________.
  2. Fred wants to know everything about everybody. Не is very ___________.
  3. I want to ___________ that we can go swimming. The weather is nice.
  4. Lisa was _____________when she saw a huge spider.
  5. Every dynamite has a ___________ to burn it.
  6. The girl is very ____________. She can find the way out even in very difficult situations.
  7. The fox made a __________ under the tree.



Read the text twice and try to memorize as much as you can.

A Silly Dog.

The three inventive gold-diggers Mike, Jimmy and Greg once decided to go fishing but not in the usual manner. Mike suggested that they should kill fish with dynamite. They made a dynamite stick, put it near their tent and sat down round their fire to have a meal. Their true dog Tommy was running around their camp. Tommy was a very good dog. If somebody threw some thing away, Tommy would run for it and bring it back at once. Once Mike threw away a dead cat. Tommy brought it back and proudly put it at Mike’s feet.

That day the three gold-diggers sat peacefully round the fire, making their meal. Suddenly Mike looked round and nearly dropped the spoon. Tommy stood behind him and held the dynamite stick between his teeth. More than that: the end of the fuse was burning. Everybody understood that an explosion was coming…

Mike cried out, jumped to his feet and rushed off. Jimmy and Greg followed him. Tommy thought that the friends wanted to play with him and ran after them. The dynamite stick was still between his teeth. As he ran, Jimmy saw a tree nearby and quickly started to climb up like a monkey. Tommy was looking at him with interest. But the tree was too thin. It broke and Jimmy fell down. He jumped to his feet and ran on. Suddenly he saw a deep hole in the ground and jumped there.

Now Tommy decided to run after Mike. The dynamite stick was still between the dog’s teeth. There was a house not far from their camp. As Mike saw it, he ran inside and shut the door. The dog stopped in front а the door, then ran round the house ran in the back door. There were people sitting at table in a big room. Tommy entered the room and all the people rushed to the door. Mike ran out into the yard and Tommy followed him. In the yard Tommy saw a big red dog. He wasfrightened. He left the dynamite stick on the ground and started running away as quickly as he could. The red dog was curious. He came up to the burning stick and touched it with his nose…

It seemed the house jumped into the air. There was a loud noise and big flames of fire. When everything was quiet again, there was a hole in the ground. Fortunately, the big red dog was quite all right.

For a very long time after that explosion gold-diggers who walked by the camp of the three friends would -always shout: “Hello! Aren’t you going to go fishing again?”

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