The amount of pollution and personal vehicles Variant 2

To begin with, I feel that many people become disinterested in amount of pollution that their personal vehicles create. It is the well-known fact, that automobiles are one of the biggest sources of water and air pollution. Every day more and more cars appear in the streets of our cities. And all of us suffer from air pollution and breath  the exhaust gasses.

However, mane people simply do not care about how much pollution they create by driving their cars. On the one hand, transportation is very important for the modern economy. But on the other hand we should do all possible to decrease its number.

To my mind, we should build more Smart cars and reduce their price down. They are much more ecologically clean. It will give some profit to the economy and make our air cleaner.  Then we will have a cleaner environment and better economy. All in all, the government should do all possible to support the program of using Smart transportation.

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