The amount of pollution and private vehicles

The increasing number vehicles today has contribute to the overgrowing level of pollution in the community because it emits smoke that is harmful to the environment and to the people’s health. The people have become dependent with cars which are the reason why the growing number of vehicles can’t be helped. However, there are different ways that the community can do to deal with this problem.

The use of eco-friendly technologies such as eco-fuel enhancer will help reduce smoke emissions coming from cars. It has been known that this kind of technology is expensive and not yet available to several communities. The government, researchers, and developers should find ways for this technology to be available for the public. For example, the government may phase out the usage of non-eco fuel devices on vehicles so that the car manufacturers will adapt to the new environmental friendly fuel systems.

Another way to deal with smoke emission problem from the increasing number of private vehicles is to regularly clean them especially the car’s exhaust pipe. This approach can be easily accomplished by car owners because it is affordable and the resources for car maintenance have been made available for them. Car shops or manufacturers offer services for the maintenance of these vehicles.

Furthermore, by using other type of transportation such as public vehicles and bicycles will help reduce pollution resulting from the increasing number of personal cars. To decrease the number of vehicles running on the roads by using public transportations such as taxis, buses, and trains help reduce smoke emissions. And promoting the use of bicycle to the people is also the best way to reduce pollution as they produce no emissions.

To sum it up, the increasing number of private cars helps increase the level of pollution in the community. However, there are few ways that we can do to help improve the level of pollution such as using the environmental friendly fuel technology, regular maintenance of vehicles, using public transportations, and by using bicycles.

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