The problem of parents & children

Today’s generation comes under much more pressure to perform and this starts right from the cradle. It is important for parents to arouse enthusiasm and curiosity in the child to pursue activities including studies and plans B’s, but not force them on the child. But the end result of what and how much a child achieves largely depends on parents, whether they are ignorant, supportive or pushy makes all the difference in child’s life.

Parents who neglect their children, as they are over involved with their own careers, ambitions & social activities don’t really know how to provide correct type of stimulating environment for their child. The children coming from these families never feel close to their parents and would never turn to them if in trouble or in need of guidance and support. They lack self-confidence and have no desire to excel or shine, as they do not get words of praise and encouragement. They never share their anxieties or agonies with their parents and may end up choosing a wrong path in their lives.

Friendship and understanding are the new buzzwords between parents and children. When parents are supportive and loving and give undivided attention and unconditional love to their children, it has a positive effect and the child develops a desire to scale new heights of success. These children have high sense of self esteem as see themselves as worthy individuals. No matter how they perform in different fields of life, their parents are big help in the emotional & psychological growth in addition to fostering their competence in academic & other spheres of life. Inspiring and conductive atmosphere at home makes a person versatile and bold enough to face the world & it’s challenges.

Some parents are always keen that their child should excel in many fields want them to be front-runners in their life.

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