I’m definitely sure that each person defines some goals he or she wants to achieve, because life without aim is pointless. Different people set different goals, but whatever goal helps a person to develop and progress in life.
Although I have many goals, two of them stick out to me the most. They influence my thoughts and help me to take right decisions. These objectives are: to become a professional in the sphere of tourism and to create a united family with someone I love.
It is extremely important for me to find a good stable job after graduation which will give me pleasure and satisfaction as well as help me to solve my major money issues. People spend half of their lives working, that’s why I believe that the job which I like will make me happier and fill my life with special sense. It is not only money but also respect and appraisal of my work what matter a lot for me. That’s why I want not only to find a good stable job, but to become a professional in my sphere. To achieve this goal I study hard at the university and get additional knowledge from educational books, professional forums on the Internet, etc. While I’m at the university I try to study as much theory as possible because I suppose that this knowledge can help me a lot when I start to work.
Family is another important goal in my life. To my mind harmony and mutual understanding in the family is essential for a person to feel happy. I’m sure that your family members are your best friends who will always support you, understand and help with advice. Family itself can be compared to a tree – its seed should find good soil and under favorable conditions it will grow into a strong tree which is firm enough to survive any storms and winds. But I think that all family members should make efforts to create such friendly family.
I believe that these two goals can help me to become successful and happy in my future life. They are long-term goals and to achieve them I need to work daily. Besides, I certainly have various short-term goals like for example to pass my exams with flying colours. But all small goals I have help me to achieve the main goals of my life.

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