A letter to an editor

Dear Sir,

I have read your article and I strongly agree with your opinion that reading is very useful. You‘ve asked your readers about their favourite books.

As for me, I enjoy reading but I don’t have so much time to do it, so when I can do it, I usually prefer to choose non- fiction books, because they entertain me and, at the same time, I learn something new . I especially like biographies because they are about a person, but they describe the historic context as well. For example, I have recently read a book about the life of Margaret Thatcher and the author uses the “excuse” of the story of her life to explain the international situation of that moment.

Moreover, I also like fiction books about the life of famous people. The novel I admire is ‘Jane Eyre’ by Charlotte Bronte. She grew up with her sisters and a brother in Yorkshire. In her early years she was educated at home, but later spent one year in the Clergy Daughters` School. Her unhappy experience there as a result of poor food and strict discipline was afterwards vividly brought to life in her novel of the shy young governess. This book is about a girl, whose parents died. She lived in her aunt’s house. A few years later she was sent to the Logwood School. There were poor clothes, poor food and severe discipline. She lived eight years there, six as a pupil, and two as a teacher. Later she worked as a governess in Thorn field Hall. She fell in love with her master and married him later after some strange and unusual situations.

I would like to recommend everybody to read this interesting book.

Yours faithfully,


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