Children & cartoons

Almost every child in the world today watches cartoons. They are designed to capture children’s attention and amuse them. Most children enjoy watching an hour or so of television after school or on weekend mornings and cartoons are their favourite choice. While many people disagree with children watching too much TV, my view is that cartoons are good, clean fun for young people.

First off all, cartoons are good because they are funny and make children laugh. In today’s world, even young children feel stress and they need a chance to laugh and have a fun. Cartoons offer a great way to do this. Watching something amusing and entertaining is a great escape from everyday difficulties.

Secondly, everybody needs to relax now and again. When kids come home from school, they want a break from their studies before they do their homework. This can help them prepare for a few more hours of studying. Although it may not look like they are doing anything when watching cartoons, children are actually relaxing and they will work better.

In conclusion, cartoons are a harmless, fun way of passing a little time. They amuse children and help them relax. Too much TV might cause problems, such as wasting time, but a reasonable amount of time spent watching cartoons benefits children.

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