Хід уроку:

  1. Організаційна частина уроку.


  1. Повідомлення теми та мети уроку.


Teacher: Good morning, children!

Pupils: Good morning, teacher!

Teacher: I’m glad to see you. Sit down, please and let’s start our lesson.

Teacher: Look at these pictures and answer my questions. Are you happy/sad/hungry/thirsty/full/sleepy?

(Учні дають свої відповіді).

Teacher: Children, do you like this picture? (слайд 1)

Pupils: Yes!

Teacher: Why do you like it?

Pupils: It is bright, coloured and beautiful.

Teacher: That’s right. And what colours do you know?

Pupils: Black and white.

Teacher: Well done, children. And at last, look at this video. (грає “ Colours Of The Rainbow – ABC FUN”)  So, what is the topic of our lesson?

Teacher: «Colours».

Фонетична зарядка.

 Teacher: Repeat after me: [ǽ], [u], [i:], [e], [ou], [ai], [ei], [au]. Well done!

  1. Основна частина уроку.


  1. Презентація нового мовного матеріалу .

(Презентація “Primary Colours”)

Teacher: Look at the screen and pronounce the words after me.


  1. Читання і практикування у вживанні нового мовного матеріалу.

Teacher: And now open your books on page 58. Exercise 1. Let’s read.

Pupils: Green, yellow, red, grey, pink, blue, brown

Teacher: Look, this is my favourite colour. It is pink. My favourite colour is pink. I like the red clothes, lips, nails and what is your favourite colour, Ihor?


Pupil Pupil: My favourite colour is red. What’s your favourite colour?

(Учні питають один одного про улюблений кольор.)

Teacher: And now exercise 2. Look, listen, repeat and let’s play the translators.

  1. 2. Фізкультхвилинка.

Teacher: I see that you are tired. Please stand up.

Hands up, hands down,

Hands on hips, sit down,

Stand up.

Hands to the side.

Bend left,

Bend right.

1, 2, 3 hop 1, 2, 3 stop!

Stand still.

Take your seats, please.


  1. Активізація лексики попередніх уроків. (Презентація “What is Blue?” )

Teacher: And now we’ll revise the words of the previous lessons. Look at the screen,raise your hand, name the object and then repeat after me.

  1. Письмо.

Teacher: It’s time to write a bit. Look at this piece of paper. What can you see? (pupils give their variants of answers) Yes, you are right. And look, some letters are missing. Write them down, please.

Teacher: Your time is up. Let’s check! Who wants to go to the blackboard? Any volunteers?

  1. Гра Colour chain ”(«Кольоровий ланцюжок»).

-I divide the children into two teams. The teams stand in lines with their backs to me, except the first player on each team, who should face me.

– I give the player at the other end of each line a set of colour flash cards. I also have a set.

– When everybody is ready, I hold up a colour card. The players facing me look at the card and whisper the colour down the line. The last player on each team must choose the correct colour from the set of flashcards and hold it up. If the colour is correct the team gets one point. The last player now goes to the front of the line and faces me. We start again.

-The team with the most points wins or I may want to do away with points.


6. Вікторина «Веселка кольорових загадок» (Презентація RAINBOW OF COLOURED RIDDLES”)

Teacher: Dear friends! Today we are going to have a quiz “RAINBOW OF COLOURED RIDDLES”. Now you’ll have a good opportunity to show your knowledge of the matter by taking part in our competition. I wish you success. Be attentive. The quiz has 10 riddles. How many colours do you know? Let’s start our quiz.

  1. Це – незрілий мандарин.

Він зелений – просто green.

  1. Коричневу сукню купила ця фрау.

Ми знаєм напевно:


  1. Загубився десь мій кед,

Мій червоний кед is red.

  1. Море, де стоїть «Артек»

По-англійськи буде black.


  1. Для прання купила «Тайд»,

Сорочка стала білой – white.

  1. Колір квітки, що люблю,

Блакитний, по-англійськи – blue.

  1. Колір хутра у мишей

Зветься просто –

Сірий , grey.

  1. Рожеві троянди

Падають на ринг.

Рожевий англійською –

Просто pink.

  1. Жовте курча каже: Hello!

Жовті лапки, жовті крильця,

Жовте – yellow.

  1. Помаранч це фрукт, не овоч.

Якого кольору він?



  1. Закріплення лексичного матеріалу за допомогою комп’ютерної програми «Paint».


Teacher: Now it’s high time to do the last task. Children, let’s revise the colours using the computer program «Paint». Face your computers and start painting the picture.

8. Пісня The Rainbow Song”.

Діти слухають пісню під час роботи в програмі «Paint», а потім дивляться на ці листочки та співають пісню.

II. Заключна частина уроку.

1.Домашнє завдання. (Додаток  “The Rainbow Song”)

Teacher: Paint the picture from “The Rainbow Song”.

2.Підведення підсумків уроку.

Teacher: If you liked this lesson, draw the happy face, if you are so-so – draw the serious one, and if you didn’t like it, draw the sad face.

Teacher: Our lesson is over. Thank you for your active work at the lesson.


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