“My motherland: the place where I live / the place I love the most”


To begin with, I’d like to tell you about my motherland, the place where I live and love the most, it is an amazing country, Ukraine. Generally, I think that our people should really appreciate the place where we live, because the price of our existence cost too much for everybody.

In my opinion, Ukraine has a very complicated history; because a lot of people didn’t t want to recognize the independence of our country for a very long time. Moreover, the Ukrainian language was forbidden, and it hurts, especially if you know, that it’s very unusual and harmonious one. Fortunately for us, we underwent this test of life and, therefore, became stronger morally and spiritually.

To my mind, Ukraine is a country of great opportunities and if you are going to visit it, you can feel a bright splash of emotions. For instance, our country is famous for its traditions from the ancient times. How I know, our cuisine is rich in the traditional dishes such as: borshch with pampushky, varenyky and leaf lard. In my opinion, our country is famous for the Ukrainian embroidered shirts, which symbolizes good luck, great success and happiness in the personal life. No wonder it was thought that the ornament of snowball and grape can bring many incredible moments to home.

Actually, I am very happy to hear, that from the ancient times, it was believed that the most beautiful girls lived in our country. It’s well known, that the Ukrainian women have natural, but at the same time, incomparable beauty.

To add more, Ukraine has many beautiful places of interest, which can keep many lovely moments for everybody. Just seeing Kiev, you can enjoy the wonderful excursion around this marvelous city. The sky-blue water of the seas, snow-capped peaks of the Carpathian mountains, the golden wheat fields, green silk steppes, the romance of the ancient Kiev, the legend of mystery Lviv, heroism of the island of Khortytsya, the wine river of the Crimea Peninsula… all is our country and it’s really  beautiful.

Unfortunately, our country is experiencing not the best time now; there is a war and a continuous corruption in Ukraine. Generally, a lot of people try to immigrate to another country, because they are looking for a good job, which will have a better profit. In my opinion, it is a global problem for us, because we are losing many hard-working people, only because their work is not appreciated.

To my mind, our court has all for development, except our clever government. Honestly speaking, people are always afraid of the truth, but it sounds kind of crazy to say, that it is a bitter truth of our existence.

And the next problem of our country is the environmental pollution. I think, that this question is very popular nowadays ad it is so pity, that we don t understand that we do harm to ourselves. I can t understand, why we had such a heavy price to achieve the prosperity of our country, and destroy it with our hands now. So what shall we do?

Firstly, we should plant a lot of trees near the roads, because trees absorb harmful substances, which get out from transport.

Secondly, we can create special roads for people, who ride a bicycle, like in the European countries.

But all in all, I am proud that I was born in Ukraine, because I like the beauty of our nature, marvelous cities and the lovely atmosphere that is in the air. I am sure that my generation won’t give up and be able to reach a new level in our history.

Finally, we should remember: “Our future depends only on us”, because our motherland is the place we live and the place we love the most.

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