To begin with, I’d like to say that a movie is the greatest invention of the mankind.

Some of them are serious, designed to make the audience think. Other movies are

designed for amusing and entertain people. Whatever it was they bring us to the

wonderful world of dreams and fantasy. And now we can’t simply imagine our

life without them. But, to my mind, movies are not only the kind of entertainment

we can enjoy, they also help us to understand the world we live in.

As for me, I prefer fantasy. It’s my world, where I’d like to stay in. It’s the

supernatural world with fantastic miracles and unbelievable heroes. I enjoy not

only the action of fantasy films, but also the actors who star in them. They are

always wonderful, optimistic, strong-minded and pure- hearted. One of them is

Dylan O’Brian. I think him to be a very talented actor and a handsome man. He

is simply the best. All in all, movies are extremely popular all over the world.

We can’t live without them. They bring us what we want to see in sight and what

we want to feel in heart. They are the most wonderful way to relax us.

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