My motherland


Every person has a dear to his heart place in the world. This is a place, where you were born and grew up, where your ancestors lived. As for me, such place is my home, my city and my native country. My motherland is Ukraine. There is no place the most delightful than this land. There are a lot of reasons why I love my Ukraine.

First of all, it‘s large and powerful state. There are a lot of villages and cities, rivers and lakes, woods and mountains in my country. The capital of my state is the most wonderful city in the world.  Once upon a time it was called the “Mother of cities” and now is known as one of European’s most beautiful cities all over the world. Kiev stands on high banks of the mighty Dnipro River. And some of its historical buildings are included into the world’s historical heritage. Among them there are the 11th century Golden Gates, the 11th century Cathedral of Saint Sophia, the Uspensky Cathedral, the 11th century Larva Cave Monastery, the 9th century Saint Vladimir Cathedral, its numerous churches and monasteries.

Secondly, Ukraine has a long and glorious history. Our history is full of dramatic events and heroic deeds. And we always were proud of our government’s peace-loving policy. And nowadays Ukraine is an independent, rather well developed country that refused from the nuclear weapons and death sentence. Ukraine has always been called “The bread basket of Europe” and that is true till now. And I would add it is “a sunflower oil basket» and, of course, “a jar of honey” as well.   We want to multiply the glory and pride of our native Ukrainian history with noble deeds of our everyday life for the rebirth of Ukraine.

Thirdly, my motherland is the land, where I hear the sounds of our pleasant language. These sounds arouse much excitement, warmness and tenderness in my soul. I can’t help thinking about how melodious and harmonious the Ukrainian language is! It’s the most beautiful language in the world. I am very proud that I can speak this romantic and emotional language fluently. If you love the culture of your Motherland and are able to see the beauty of the Ukrainian landscape, you certainly love your country.

To add more, there are boundless steppes, thick forests, serene groves, towering mountains, warm and caressing seas, wide rivers, whimsical cave labyrinth, numerous nature preserves, parks, exotically rich museum collections, historical and cultural landmarks, blossom fields of flowers and the sweet cherry gardens. All these beautiful words are written about my Ukraine.


Whatever it was, I always loved my Ukraine and I’ll always adore it. Let there always be peace  in my Ukraine! Let us always be good friends and good neighbours in every village, in a town, in Ukraine, in Europe and in the whole world! We have the only land for all of us, the only sun and the only sky. We want to be a well developed European country .We want to live peacefully with everyone.

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