National stereotypes

A nation is a group of people who share common history and usually a language and usually, but not always, live in the same area. Culture can be described as our everyday life: how we communicate, what makes us happy and said. It also includes our language, religion, traditions, behavior, and way of life – in other words, what we do each day. People that belong to various nations may differ and they always differ from one another.

There is a great majority of factors that influence the nation’s stereotype and its people’s character. People that live in the southern countries have less problems than those who live in the North and because of this they’re more cheerful and artistic. The history also has a great influence on the national character. The National Character exists. It is not a myth, it’s a reality. But the National Character doesn’t describe the character of one person, it describes the character of the whole nation. Every person has its own character, but according to the person’s belonging to some nation many traits of character are similar and these features may be explained as the national character.

For example, the Germans are regarded as scientifically-minded and industrious, they’re always considered solid, intelligent and mathematical. And, for instance, Israeli is believed to be mercenary, industrious, shrewd, loyal to family, religious. There is a big amount of examples we can list about national character of different people. Proving the difference of the national stereotypes I want to compare Ukrainian and English nations. There are a lot of features that vary. The Ukrainians are industrious, tough, brave, progressive and suspicious. They are always considered to be patriotic. We love our country and are willing to respect the opinion of other people.

Speaking about Englishmen, I may note that they’re reserved, tradition-loving, courteous, honest, extremely nationalistic and etc. To my mind, they have a specific sense of humor. They say that they can’t understand our jokes and anecdotes not only because of the different meanings of the words, but because of their humor is more delicate. Looking at these features it’s not hard to mark out the differences. The Englishmen are reserved, but the Ukrainians are open-hearted and communicative.

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