Paparazzi and Celebrities


Мета: -практикувати вживання складних прикметників,які значать опис людини та вжи-

вання герундію та інфінітиву

– розвивати усне мовлення, та аудіовізуальну пам’ять

– вивчити нові лексичні одиниці

– виховувати у учнів повагу до кожної професії, якою би вона не була

Обладнання: комп’ютер, фотоапарат, інтерактивна  дошка, коробка з папірцями 2кольорів,


Хід уроку

  1. I. Організація уроку
  2. Привітання учнів: (3 xв)

T: Good morning, my dear pupils! I’m very glad to see you. How do you feel?

P1: I’m exited!

P2: I’m relieved!

P3: etc…..

T: Сome to me, please and each of you take just one sheet of paper from this box.

T: So you’ve been divided into 2 groups. Please be sited, but pay attention to your personal color.

  1. II. Основна частина уроку
  2. 1. Рефлексія: (3 xв)

T: The sun is shining outside! The weather is awesome. I’d like you to be in good mood. If you aren’t, we’ll rise it. So, your first task is to tell your classmates couple nice words. For instance: Julia, you look amazing! This new skirt really suits you!

P1: Magi, you are kind-hearted and easy-going person. I’m very glad, that we are classmates.

P2, P3, etc…….

  1. 2. Brainstorming: (2 xв)

T: Well done! I hope everyone is in good mood! So we can start our trip. Your next task is to

guess  what we are going to talk today about. (Презентація  “Presentation 1”(слайди 1-6)  та аудіо запис Lady Gaga “Paparazzi”)

P1: We might talk about famous people and photographers.

3.Оголошення теми та мети уроку: (2 xв)

T: Great job! You’re quite right! The topic of our today’s lesson is “Paparazzi and celebrities”

-we’re going to find out what qualities should paparazzi have;

what qualities should celebrities have and talk about what is forbidden and what is allowed (Презентація «Тема») Pupil with red color are paparazzi and others are celebrities

  1. T: Answer my questions please. Notes on the blackboard will help you (5 xв)

( на дошці написано avoid +gerund, like +gerund, refuse + infinitive, offer + infinitive)

1) What do paparazzi avoid doing?

2) What do celebrities avoid doing?

3) Why do paparazzi refuse sometimes to take photos of celebrities?

4) What can celebrities refuse to do?

5) What can celebrities offer paparazzi to do?

6) What photos do paparazzi like taking?

Pupils answer questions.

  1. Practicing new words (5 xв)

T: For our further work  we should learn new words. I offer you to guess the meaning of these words. (Презентація “New VC  for video”) (Всі слова написані на дошці з транскрипцією)

Cлайд 1:  T: What does it mean “to chase”?

P1: To chase means to follow somebody.

T: Give me your examples, please.

P2:  Robert Pattinson was  chased by paparazzi after his starring in the film “Twilight”

Cлайд 2:  T: What does it mean “ to feel justified”?

P3: To feel justified means to  have a right to express our own opinion

T: Give me you example:

P4: I feel justified in telling you that you will gain nothing by gentleness.

Cлайд 3:  T: What does it mean “ to smack”?

P5: To smack means to hit somebody’s face

T: Give me you example:

P6: She smacked him, because he was really too rude with her.

Cлайд 4:  T: What does it mean “decency”?

P7: It means to be polite, and behave in a good way with people

T: Give me you example:

P8: This woman had a real decency. She had helped homeless people.

  1. Watching video “Ask the Psychologist” (4 xв)

T: Right now we’re going to watch a short video about the Psychologist’s opinion in this awful war between paparazzi and celebrities. (video “Ask the Psychologist”)

T: My dear, tell me, please, was this video useful for you? Why? Why not?

P8: This video was very useful, cause I’ve learnt and heard new words

P9: I’ve heard about professional opinion from psychological point of view. Etc….

  1. Розминка (3 xв)

T: 1) Pretend that you are paparazzi and celebrities. Paparazzi show us how you take photos and celebrities will show us how they pose for this photos.

2) Paparazzi show us how you are chasing

  1. T: Look at the screen. (Презентація “ Stephen Baldwin”) (4 хв)

What have you found out about  Stephen Baldwin? (Слайд 1)

What was interesting about Will Smith? (Слайд 2)

What did happen with  Justin Bieber? (Слайд 3)

How did the life of Princess Diana stopped? (Слайд 4)

  1. T: Today we’ve practiced a lot of different adjectives. Let’s practice more.You have to chose the right answer (Презентація adjectives Слайдів 7) (4 хв)

III. Заключна частина уроку

  1. Підведення підсумків (4 хв)

T: Paparazzi make a list of 5 disadvantages of celebrities job. And Celebrities have to make a list of 5 advantages of paparazzi’s job. You have 2 minutes for preparation.

Pupils give their answers.

  1. T: You’ve done a great job today. And in the end of our lesson I’d love to tell you that all jobs are necessary in our universe. It’s rather honored to have a job and get salary. Our lesson is over! Have good day! And give your diaries for your marks. (2 хв)
  2. Оцінювання учнів.

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